"Kiyone" Hoodie

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Hoodie "Kiyone"
Hoodie "Kiyone"
Hoodie "Kiyone"
Hoodie "Kiyone"

Kiyone, the hoodie that gives you a smile

Choosing to be dressed in "Kiyone" Hoodie is very ideal to mark the difference between your personality and that of others. It is a fashionable type of clothing that easily fits into your clothing style. Don't you want to look crumpled among your peers? Continue reading this article to find out what you really need for your uniqueness.

How the "Kiyone" Hoodie looks like ?

If you want to fill your closet with stylish clothes and make a personality of your own in your environment, the "Kiyone" Hoodie is a good fit. In fact, it is a sweatshirt that has a very comfortable hood. It not only protects your body, but also your head. It offers you a certain cheerfulness. This clothing gives you an elegance that many people of your age and even above you will covet. On its back side, it has a fancy design that houses a pocket. It is a style that suits both men and women.

Creativity and originality of "Kiyone" Hoodie

The tunic has a special design. It is designed in several sizes in accordance with Asian standards. You will find on the market sizes M, L, XL and even XXL. In order to choose the right size for you, you should choose the size immediately above what you usually wear. The "Kiyone" Hoodie is a cotton garment that provides strong security for the wearer. The garment is also designed with polyester material that gives it a very high comfort and durability.

With this garment model known to all, you won't have too much to worry about before getting dressed. It comes in various colors. You can see the "Kiyone" Hoodie in black, in white color as well. The designers have also made others in gray colors.

Prefer a mix with other clothes

There are many combination choices with the "Kiyone" Hoodie. In fact, its black color makes it very versatile. You can pair it with white, blue, gray and other light colored underwear. You have the choice to wear the hoodie over pants or underwear..


  • Hoodie Techwear
  • Cotton / Polyester

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